My First Real Cameras

My first real cameras, a Vivitar 250/SL and a Minolta XG-1.  Both are 35mm film SLRs.

I took the Vivitar to college, and later to Korea.

I bought the Minolta in the PX in Korea.  I used it to take pictures of North Korean guardposts on the DMZ.

Vivitar 250/SL

Minolta XG-1

Lakewood Car Show

A few images from a Lakewood, Ohio car show on Madison Ave. in September 2007.

Black Car

Austin Healy

Mini Cooper


Red Hercules Beetle

I found this red Hercules beetle on an outside wall underneath an air conditioner after a rain storm.

Red Hercules beetle

Red Hercules beetle

Red Hercules beetle

Red Hercules beetle

NE Ohio Bridges

Here are a few bridges in the Cleveland area.


Bridge in the Metroparks

Bridge over Rocky River

Bridge in the Metroparks