New 500mm Mirror Lens!

I got a new Opteka 500mm F6.3 mirror lens on Wednesday.

I bought it to replace a 500mm Soligor mirror that I’d bought in Korea in 1981.  I used the Soligor to take pictures of North Korean guardposts and North Korean activity in the DMZ for classes I conducted as part of the 2nd Infantry Divison’s OPFOR team.

That lens has disappeared into the bowels of my TARDIS of an apartment, apparently never to be found again.

I got the Opteka and a 2x teleconverter on Amazon for $119.

Mirror lenses come in for a lot of criticism, but for the money, they’re more than adequate to get images I otherwise wouldn’t just get at all.  I’m simply not going to spend $800 to $3,000 for a better lens that’s only going to get occasional use.

It was 16 F today in NE Ohio, so I was in no hurry to go outdoors to try it.  Instead, I just opened the window and shot through the screen into the Cleveland Metroparks.  The quality of these pictures isn’t great, but I wanted to give the lens a try.